Smeagol’s Friend

“I wants to be a Catholic deacon too after I finishes Smeagol’s work of wrecking The Shire…”

(Note: this is a snap of Gordon Brown–soon to be Prime Minister of Britain– in his student days.. This post is a sequel to this one)

  • Ttony

    That’s a little bit too close for confort, Father.

  • ousia

    Who is it? I didn’t see a link to a story. SFP

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Looks like the change had already begun.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    This is the soon to be Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown.

  • Archistrategos

    He reminds me of a more sober Sebastian Luv. I imagine they sahre the same voice… LOL

  • Sursum Corda

    With the greatest respect to all those who clearly are not admirers of Mr Blair or Mr Brown I want to sound a note of caution. Those of us who are “conservative” religiously need to be aware that this does not necessarily equate to a conservative political allegaince for all. Now I confess to know little about the political scene in the UK or the USA and I have strong prolife views. What is more I have great issues with what has been done in the UK regarding gay adoption and the actions in some states of the USA on “gay marriage”These are serious issues and appear to represent agendas pushed by the less conservative parties in the UK ( Labor) and the USA ( Democrats). Fortunately here in Australia when “life” issues come before Parliament the parties give their members a conscience vote. This normally finds members of all parties taking a range of views on the issue. I have no strong views about Mr Blair. I simply make the point that he is on a journey. It is rumored he will join the Church following his departure from Downing Street. This may just be a step in the journey that ends in a more solid “non cafeteria” Catholicism. We should continue to pray for him on that journey.In the USA it appears to me that Christians ( particularly evangelical Protestants ) equate faith in the gospel to support for the Republican Party. I ask the question that while pro life issues are of immense importance should US Catholics support a party which endorses an industrial relations system plainly at odds with Rerum Novarum? Equally many of us outside the US are stunned by a US health system which fails to provide access to health cover for up to 40 million citizens. Say what you like about Labor parties in the UK and Australia but that is simply something which in this day and age is beyond the pale and which they addressed in the UK immediately after WWII and in Australia in the early 70s and which they had to re establish in the 80s after the conservatives dismantled it in the interim. True in my own country there is a strong link between the history of the Labor Party and the Church which is not the case in the UK but I simply want to suggest we should cast the eye over the views of all parties and leaders on all issues far more critically than appears to be the case. Could Catholics in the UK seriously support the iniquitous Poll Tax introduced by Thatcher? As one US commentator said recently, “Faith in the Gospel does not imply blind faith in the Republican Party.” It is a message for all of us wherever we live.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I agree with you, and wonder why n earth a pollitical party doesn’t come along that combines the social welfare initiatives of the Liberals with the moral responsibility of the conservatives.A plague on both their houses.