Visit to the Stick Village

In the town of La Herradura there is a stick village. The town is on the edge of the mangrove swamps, and to reclaim some land the people hammer long sticks into the mud to create an enclosure. They then scoop the smelly tidal mud inside the stick enclosure until it builds up to a level where they are above the incoming tide. On this reclaimed land they build a little shack to live in.
The woman who lives in this shack is in her sixties with arthritis and various other serious health problems. We visited her and her family. She has been left with four grandchildren who live in the shack with her. Their mother died of AIDS. The old woman welcomed us into her humble home with a smile and gracious hospitality, apologizing that she could not offer us a meal. She has no electricity, no running water, no sewage, no trash collection and no real financial income.
Her grandchildren attend the school at the CIDECO community. The rest of the children come from similarly deprived backgrounds. It only costs $30.00 a month to sponsor a child at CIDECO. For this they get an education, healthcare and a future–and all within an orthodox and lively Catholic atmosphere. Can you think of a better way to spend a dollar a day? Email me for more information.

  • Soutenus

    I fear I will show my ignorance but here goes – In what country is La Herradura?What does CIDECO stand for?What a great post. How can I get more info?Blessings!

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    La Herradura is in El Salvador (see my other posts) I’m not sure what CIDECO stands for in Spanish.

  • Anonymous

    Fr, I send monthly donations to CNEWA for use in underdeveloped countries because I know CNEWA is in line with the Vatican. I’d very much like to the same with the organization you’re recommending (CIDECO)but I want to be sure they don’t espouse liberation theology etc. How can I do that?