Aaaargh!! After camp my laptop crashed and burned. The hard drive was corrupted and I lost all data.

Had I been making regular back ups? Whoops forgot.

At camp had I finished two thirds of The Gargoyle Code–my Screwtape Letters take off? Yes I had. Was Slubgrip happy with the book? Probably not. Can devils make hard drives crash? Dunno.

Are there any angels out there who know how to recover data from bad hard drives? I know there are places you can send it that promise to recover your files, but it is mucho moola.
Anyway, there is a new hard drive in place, happily all my contacts were retained on my PDA, and a good number of files are saved on the family PC. It’s just that I lost most of that book, and I am one very unhappy priestly blogger.

  • Travis

    Father,If you send me the hard drive, I’ll try to recover it for you. I can’t promise success, but I do have some tools and previous experience with this. If you would like me to try, send me an email at and we can discuss it in more detail. And don’t worry, I won’t charge anything at all.

  • my15minutes

    Oh, that’s bad! I’m so sorry. Wish I knew a thing about that sort of thing but I don’t. Here’s hoping for quick recovery of your book.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I was starting to wonder if the wolves got you.It’s interesting how often manuscripts end up getting lost like that. It never stops the good ones. Keep at it.

  • Peter

    For the future, please allow me to suggest It is an automatic online backup system which I’ve been using for several months. I find it really handy and reassuring.Good luck with the hard drive recovery.

  • ann marquette

    Sadly I had the same thing happen to me last November. After taking my hard drive to 3 “IT geeks/experts/etc.” every single one said that because it would not spin at all, the only way to retrieve the information was to send to a white lab…about $1,200 or more…which i don’t have. I too had portions of my book and other writings and downloaded digital photos (3 months worth which had not been backed up) :-(

  • Anonymous

    When my hard drive crashed I was able to recover my data by using an enclosure that turned it into a USB external hard drive. Since the USB drive is “plug and play” or whatever it’s called when you can plug it in while the computer’s already on the drive was accessable. My NTSF file had been corrupted and I was getting a “blue screen of death.” Now I back-up weekly.James G

  • Rebecca

    Fr Dwight,This is what my husband does for a living. He would be glad to look at it for you. If Travis can’t help, email me at and I’ll give you the address to mail it to.