We doesn’t like nasty Sonata…
Give us our Roving Medievalist back…
I wants it my precious…

We knew that Jeffrey was false and tricksy…

  • Mark


  • Judge373


  • Jeffrey Smith

    Now, Dwight, tricksy perhaps, but I’ve never been false in my life. Therein lies the problem. My faith has been destroyed and I can’t lie about it.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    HERE, don’t give up. I’m starting to get more pissed off than whatever I have been.

  • Ray
  • Erik G.

    Yikes! Even poor Smeagol deserves our prayers. The power of the Dark One is strong and comes in a pretty and irresistable package (looking like the truth). Where’s Sam Gamgee when you need him?

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I’m right here. That is, after all my basic nature.

  • terry

    What happened to The Roving Medievalist ?