Captain Canuck and friends

In my recent post of Spiderman, I commented that the superhero is a particularly American phenomenon. I was wrong. A disgruntled Canadian commented politely that there are plenty of Canadian superheroes.

Captain Canuck is one, but my favorite after a few moments of quick viewing is Major Mapleleaf–pictured here.

I apologize profusely to all spandex wearing, dashing crusaders North of the border.

Another reader tells me there are French superheroes too. Check out Superdupont. He’s a musclebound Frenchy, and if I’m not mistaken he’s actually wearing a beret. He very political and fights against all anti-French forces. Watch out Superman…

  • Rob

    Superman would wipe the floor with Superdupont any day, with or without Kryptonite present.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Just bloody amazing. He is wearing a beret. I’m speechless. Mark this on your calendar. It doesn’t happen often.

  • Londiniensis

    There was a “British” super-hero called Garth, who first appeared in a Daily Mirror comic strip in July 1943 and survived until 1997. (Wikipedia entry here)Garth is mentioned in the Flanders and Swann song “The Spider in the Bath”.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Superdupont probably has superhero level garlic breath and BO. Superman doesn’t stand a chance against such fearful Gallic weapons.

  • The Sheepcat

    Heh-heh-heh.Your generous response, Father, leaves me more than re-gruntled. I can barely stop chuckling.Onward to the next bout of cross-border joshing! :-)

  • Mephibosheth

    Some superheroes wear berets, others wear birettas:

  • Jay Anderson

    Superdupont … surrenduring to Germans faster than a speeding bullet.

  • Nancy

    You can have Superdupont. I’ll take Asterix and Obelix anyday.

  • the dúnadan

    He wasn’t exactly a superhero, although his detective powers did border on the super, but Benton Frazer from Due South is by a long distance (from east to west coast Canada)the greatest & most heroic Canadian ever!

  • gemoftheocean

    C’mon, Father. Google the phrase “French military victories” in quotes, then click on the first link. That ought to tell you something.