Dust to Dust

If you’re interested you can read the whole story of Leona Helmsley–the super rich New Yorker who died the other day. Phew! What a tale! She had it all, but died like everyone else: naked as the day she was born.

Reminds me of the story of what the priest said at the billionaire’s funeral. Someone whispered to the priest, “Father, how much did he leave?”

“All of it.” was the reply.

God knows the whole soul, and may he have mercy.

  • Lee Anne

    How sad…this woman who had all the riches of the world, was so unhappy and so injured, that she lashed out, injuring others and still that action did not bring her peace.In no way do I excuse her behavior,(like it is up to me) for it was wrong; but in reading her story, all I could feel was deep sorrow and pity for her. May God grant her mercy – for this woman was very, very wounded.