For a Baptism

For a Baptism

All the waters of the world are here.
In this small bowl the rain falls,
the dew rests, the strong river flows.

Here the sea surges and sighs—
opens the way to life and closes over in death.

This bowl holds all the tears of joy and sorrow,
all the sweat of work and play,
all the vital juices of creation—

the life of fruit and vegetable,

the sap rising in Spring and falling in Autumn.

In this bowl are Winter’s snow and sleet;
the water of wells and Summer springs,
the healing streams of mountains—clear and young,
the ancient pondering rivers, wandering to the sea.

All are here—singing as light gathers in a crystal pool.

Take all this with joy and laughter small daughter.
Faith is an affirmation of all things.
Be plunged into this water of life,

drink and meet the One who banishes thirst.

Accept and be accepted—love and be loved.

Be this day and always a child of water and air,
of life and spirit—of freedom and joy.

Be a glass window high and clear and free—
or be this bowl of water

where the light collects
and is reflected endlessly.

  • Anonymous

    That’s lovely!Your anonymous old friend

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • White Stone Name Seeker

    We’re having our youngest baptised on Sept 9th (say a prayer for her) and I will write that in her card.That’s beautiful.Thank you.

  • Jay Anderson

    Beautiful. My daughter, Grace Assumpta, is being baptized next Sunday. (Given her middle name, we should have planned better and had the Baptism next Wednesday.)

  • The Ironic Catholic

    That’s really beautiful. Thanks.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    i really liked that! was just reminiscing on the baptism of our last 4 babies by Fr Gregory Winterton Cong. Orat who you know doubt met…Congrats white stone..& Jay. Jay my daughter Katy turns 18 on the feast of the Assumption. we should have named her Assumpta!

  • Ttony

    You’re really getting there, Father. This one is something!