Following my post on Monday about mountaintops, and not wanting to be all theory and no action….Joseph Pearce and I went up to Jones Gap in the mountains of North Carolina for a hike. Joseph is very fit, and younger than me, but I made it, and it was worth it…supposedly one of the finest views in the Eastern USA.

It’s great to have Joseph and his wife Susannah here in Greenville. As two Catholic writers we not only went up a mountain and down again, but covered subjects literary, religious and just about everything else: Tolkien, the Inklings, T.S.Eliot, Hopkins, Oxford, books, writing etc. etc.

The only thing we missed (he as an Englishman and me as an honorary Englishman) was an ancient pub at the end of the trail with a couple of pints of English ale. Somehow a glass of iced tea in Petee’s Drive In in Traveller’s Rest, South Carolina just ain’t the same.

  • tara

    I love the mountains! Looking at your picture–I can smell the pine trees.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Ah the pubs!