Gene Savoy

One of the delightful things about the English Daily Telegraph are the obituaries. They regularly record the deaths of the worlds’ great eccentrics: wacky inventors, decadent aristocrats with weird hobbies, artists who were genuine crazies, bishops who went off the rails, or people who have simply lived lives that make you gasp with their accomplishment, daring, courage or breathtaking idiocy.

Read here about the amazing exploits of American explorer Gene Savoy. Savoy was an Indiana Jones character. Brought up as a Catholic, and once a seminarian, he branched off into the exploration of other religions, and wound up exploring the jungles of Peru for ancient civilisations and sailing the ocean blue to prove that ancient civilizations were in touch with each other. He was an intrepid explorer and amateur archaeologist, wrote loads of books, and invented his own religion.

  • Jonathan

    My hat’s off to Gene Savoy. Here is someone whose accomplishments bespeak a life lived, not just to be, but to live — fully, “more abundantly” and, if possible, immortally. So, naturally, there were religious dimensions to his antics. His impulse was correct; it’s just that his compass seems to have gone a little haywire. I hope he finds mercy in the end!

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    How come you always know more about England than us Fr?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I lived most of my life in England! I also read the Daily Telegraph online every day :-)