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This was sent in by a reader:

…Protestants, especially fundamentalists, object that they consider “Scripture alone” to be the “infallible” authority within the Church. And Catholics are obliged to agree that Scripture contains, at least materially, all the truth God willed to reveal to us. But both history and logic confirm Pontificator’s Second Law: “When the Bible alone is our authority, the Bible ceases to be our authority.” That is why Protestant modernism arose; Protestant fundamentalism was merely the reaction of those with residual faith against that consequence. But such fundamentalism remains intellectually powerless against it.

  • phbrown

    Footnote: the quotation comes from Mike Liccione.Hope this helps.Peace,–Peter

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker


  • fried chicken strips

    Could someone explain where Pontificator got his Second Law? I realize Pontificator is a blog, but it is also over my head. My understanding is Protestants have a Tradition, which interpretes the bible for them. Truely, the bible you meet in a heated debate is not the leather bound bible in their hand, but the virtual bible in their head.They claim Sola Scriptura, but deny the magisterium they adhere to during every service, bible study and conversation they ever had. When they claim Sola Scripura, they admit they are unaware of the culture buried deep within themselves or prefer the grandor of saying the Holy Spirit teaches the truths of the bible to them.What is the last thing a fish notices, but the water around him [or her].

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