All Hallows Even

Jay has re-posted some excellent information about the history of Halloween. Check it out.

The celebration of Halloween is not a celebration of evil, devilry and witchcraft. It is properly a party on the Eve of All Saints Day, on which the victory over evil begins to be celebrated. The jack o lantern, and the masks etc were originally devised as a way to make fun of the devil, to mock him and to scare the spooks away.
In the psychology of religion it connects with the reason children’s literature is full of witches, bad dwarves, evil wizards and such like. In his excellent book The Uses of Enchantment psychologist Bruno Bettleheim explains that these elements of folklore and children’s tales actually enable us to confront the darker side of reality and cope with it positively. That’s why in the stories and celebrations evil is defeated by good.
In folk stories and folklore, witches, devils and evil wizards are not bad simply because they are present in the content. What is bad or good is how they are treated–what happens to the witches, devils and evil wizards. In most traditional stories and celebrations they are defeated and utterly destroyed by the power of good, beauty and love.
The problem comes when the witches and wizards win, when good is portrayed as evil, and wickedness is portrayed as goodness.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    The only thing is over here 100 million pounds was spent on outfits & all the other Halloween paraphernalia..we ain’t ever gonna celebrate in our house!