Life Chain

Snaps from today’s Life Chain in Greenville South Carolina. Here in the Bible belt the vast majority of motorists who commented did so with a honk and a thumbs up.

  • kkollwitz

    It was indeed a great day, although less exciting than a few years ago when some folks would cuss at us…maybe that’s a sign of changing hearts.Anyway, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to stand around in public with an anti-abortion sign & look like a Catholic Idiot, do so; it’s a surprisingly liberating experience.

  • fried chicken strips

    If you want to crucify pride, humiliate yourself. St. Francis did.

  • Anonymous

    who would have thought that we would be standing together like this when 45 years ago we were just sailing wooden boats down the creek through the farmers field.

  • Sarai

    It’s Uncle Donny and Aunt Laura!! Such happiness!