New Book

If you’re in England, make sure you pick up Protestantism by Cyprian Blamires. It is one of CTS’s new ‘Explanations’ series.

The book is the best little explanation of what makes Protestants tick. It is clear, objective and sympathetic to Protestants without granting them much ground. The contrasts with Catholicism are pointed out in simple and straightforward language. It is a great little primer for understanding the underlying history and world view of non-Catholic Christians.

Cyprian Blamires used to be an Evangelical Anglican priest. He was educated (as I was) at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He was received into the Catholic Church in 1979, and has been a faithful servant of the Church through his service with the St Barnabas Society.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Hey Fr! You’re always just one step ahead of me. i have a friend extolling the virues of the C of E..admittedly the Vicar is a lovely man (Catholic Priest in the making!). She & i had a rather heated discussion in the school playground re Baptism & Confirmation..she told me they didn’t do infant baptisms..???i’m gonna get some copies of the CTS book..

  • Rich Leonardi

    It would be wonderful if CTS could find an American distributor (or publisher).

  • Philip

    Have you been keeping up with the fun and games at Wycliffe Hall? Anglicanism has never been this interesting. ;-)

  • Fr. Jeffrey

    Look at this, all my English friends here! Thanks for the tip on the book Father! Look forward to reading it.