Slogging Away

No blogging. Slogging away on my book The Gargoyle Code. It’s a Screwtape Letters take off. (If only I had an original idea !)

It is designed to be read day by day through Lent. I’m in the process of finishing the book and looking for a publisher.

I’ve finished week 5 and have two weeks to go. The readings start on Ash Wednesday and finish on Easter Day.

Prayers please!

  • tara


  • The Sheepcat

    You got ‘em, Father!It’s very good stuff, what you posted on the blog. I look forward to reading the book.

  • Rose Marie

    Can’t wait to read it. I am in the middle of reading Adventures in Orthodoxy at the moment. Definitely will say a prayer! Rose Marie

  • Deacon John the less

    My prayers are with you and your family. You have been a channel of God’s words to me through your homilies Father, I’m sure I’ll hear His voice in your book.

  • Pork Buns

    Did C.S. Lewis first attempt to create a novel medium to convey his message or first consider his message? Let the wand choose the wizard.

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Sounds wonderful..

  • SF

    God bless you.Any comments on the recent public statements by JK Rowling on the character of Dumbledore?Wonder what you think.

  • Catholic Bibliophagist

    I would so much like to see this book in print. Loved the bits you posted on the blog. Will definitely pray for your work.

  • Rachel

    Curious if you’ve finished… have you?We’re new to Greenville and St. MM’s, and big Chesterton fans. Enjoying your blog!Rachel