Al Bore

The Daily Telegraph has this brilliantly common sense article on global warming. If you have any doubts about the stupidity of Al Gore’s latest apocalyptic warnings this should put them to rest.

What tickles me about the whole global warming because of CO2 nonsense is the way secular activists have bought the whole conspiracy, apocalyptic scenario. It’s on a par with the Left Behind dispensationalists. There’s something about our fragile human race that needs conspiracy theories and an imminent doomsday.

Could it be that humanity’s need for a conspiracy theory is really the instinctive understanding that there is a mind behind all things and that there really is a plan for planet earth and the human race? There is you know…it’s what we call Divine Providence. Is there something in the human psyche that just needs to have some sort of doomsday? Yup. It’s called Tempis Fugit, Memento Mori. Time Flies. Remember Death.

These two theological concepts: Divine Providence and the fact of our own death are meant to show us how to live this life day by day. They are simple, sober realities. The fact that secularists have to, in every generation, come up with their own ‘big plan’ and their own doomsday scenario only goes to show that the simpler and more dignified Christian beliefs are true–deep down true.

Chesterton was right: “Every argument is a theological argument.”

  • kkollwitz

    I love the Left.BTW, I recently read a small book taking a critical look at global warming: “Cool It,” which I obtained from my local library.

  • fried chicken strips

    How was your initiation into the Knights Father Longenecker?

  • Rachel Gray

    It’s often been pointed out that environmentalism is very much a religion, and carbon offsets are indulgences for sale. :)

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Wonderfully put Fr!

  • Jay Fuller

    This post is so poorly reasoned that I was moved to respond:What’s Wrong with the World?

  • Joe

    What gripes me most on the Global warming is the idiots pushing it are all using up more energy that the rest of us. Of course they go out and purchase energy credits so they can feel good. It is kind of like times long ago when indulgences were sold so you could go out and sin some more without risk of losing your place in heaven. This new global warming religion seems like the church of the middle ages. If possible, they would also like to burn SUV owners at the stake. But of course to do so would mean they might have to buy a few more credits.