Bella is a success. The film makers have created a great little movie that tells a human story with humor, quiet passion and genuine integrity. Never “inyerface” with it’s message, it shows ordinary people coping with the question of an unwanted pregnancy with practical realism, compassion and honesty.

Some critics have dumped the movie because of it’s pro-life message. It does have a pro-life message, but that message is communicated as genuinely pro life and not just anti-abortion. The strong Hispanic family life is beautifully portrayed, and the caring and love within the family shows how powerful and positive life can be.

Wisely, the film never says abortion is wrong. It never uses anti-abortion horror tactics. It simply show the power of love, the beauty of a mature family life and the rumbustious joy and happiness of life and love. As a result it never has to preach an anti abortion message, because abortion, in comparison, is simply death.

I know from my own adventures in the film trade just how hard it is, not only to get a film made, but to get it out to the audience. The young film makers are to be congratulated for a great job well done. Support this movie. Support life.

  • tara

    Father I saw the show yesterday. Three big strong young men sat behind me and my friend Mary. Throughout the movie–they constantly cried. I have to tell you–the show knocked me to the floor. I was so sad for hours–the show was intense. When I came home–my husband was so concerned–”What the heck is wrong!?” I told him the entire show–and he started crying.Even though there was a good outcome to this show, I felt physically ill during the scene where they were in the abortion clinic–and even though I knew the end of the story–and knew it was a story–a movie–I found myself PRAYING “dear God–please don’t let her kill her baby.” The show pulled you in so close you lost your sense of reality and became intimately involved with the characters.Whew! If you go and see the show–bring tissue. I wish every woman contemplating abortion could go and see this show–there would then, be no more abortion.

  • Thursday

    I went and saw the movie twice, it was that enjoyable. Based on the content of your other posts I think you’ll agree with me that the state of Christian themes in art is in terrible decline. Finally there is a director out there who gets it. a well made movie that succeeds because it feels authentic and respects the intelligence of it’s audience to make the connection to it’s pro life message without shoving it in their face.

  • Anonymous

    OOO, Yes! Just saw the movie today (a city not slated for the movie originally, but brought here via strong local support). The two hours passed almost without a thought in my head beyond the dialogue/plot of the movie. My husband and I were so moved… We are in our 60′s. We have lost both a child and a grandchild to the horror of abortion over the past 33 years; believe me, the suffering of these “pro-choice” acts never ends… How much better (though difficult in the moment) had we chosen the way depicted by this movie… I just have to ask: Which scene is your favorite and for what reason? I think my favorite is where Papa is speaking (totally in Spanish) to Nina (who doesn’t speak Spanish). Nina then tells Mama that she understood everything he said. She is, in that moment I think, transformed by the redemptive, healing power of family love that reaches beyond spoken words. Truly a realistic contemporary enfleshment of the sacramental power of Jesus to save us all… A perfect Thanksgiving/Christmas gift for us all!!

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    See my seems to have had a big impact already…

  • Amjad

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  • Rose Marie

    Father Dwight, I went to Bella with my friends, Jeff and Nancy, from Heritage Bible Church. I was gratified to see the strong famiy values protrayed so sincerely by Hosea’s parents, who were not just giving advice or pretending, but who had walked the walk. It was a very uplifting prolife film without being “in your face” as you said.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Amjad, you may email me if you wish

  • kkollwitz

    A fine movie with a genuine affection for human beings and their foibles, and respect for the inherent dignity of each of them.I was especially impressed with how short a time Bella was onscreen. That she was a great gift to those who loved her was nonetheless fully expressed.