Of Dandelions and Diamonds

A phrase from the Divine Office stuck in my head yesterday. Something to the effect of, ‘All the great men are as a breath of wind.’ It brought back a verse from the psalms about our life being like that of the grass of the field. It is here today and tomorrow the wind comes and it is gone.’

The great men; the celebrities, the potentates, the prime ministers and presidents. The corporate lawyers and stock brokers and the men of power and prestige: dark, dark, dark, they all go into the dark. They are dead dandelions, blown in the wind and gone forever.

The saints, on the other hand, are diamonds, immortal diamonds. The diamond is just a lump of coal, but put under great pressure and with great heat and over a long period of time it is transformed into the hardest material known to man. Then the master jeweler cuts the diamond so that it becomes beautiful and refracts his light into the world.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01960521706457744649 tara

    “All the great men are as a breath of wind.” The wind comes and goes where it wants, no one knows where it comes from and no one know where it goes.Father, if you have ever been to a nursing home and seen the important living alongside the not so important–the nurses cleaning the bodily fluids of both–you see the “equalization” of human beings. No one is more important than the other–we are all just “blowin in the wind.”Father, you do such great posts–I love your blog :)