St Joseph School Chapel

When I arrived at St Joseph’s last year school Mass was being celebrated under pretty makeshift conditions. Vestments and linens were old and second or third hand. The altar was a folding table on risers and the other furniture bits of whatever could be gathered together. The school is new, and people had done the best with what they had. During Lent people donated generously, and working with our local woodworking guild, one of our mothers who is a seamstress and many donors, we were were able to invest in better furnishings for the chapel, new vestments and altar hangings.
We have to convert the stage of our all purpose room to a santuary for school Mass on Fridays. This is what it looks like now when we celebrate feasts or solemnities. Everything is moveable and we set up with a team of students in about fifteen minutes.
We’ve also built a beautiful new Daily Mass chapel in the school that seats about fifty. The Blessed Sacrament is reserved there, and provides is a wonderful quiet heart to the school. Photos to follow when the furnishing and decoration is complete.

  • Fr. Christopher G. Phillips

    Congratulations, Father. It’s amazing what one can do without having to spend an immense amount of money… and I’m glad to see you brought your good taste with you from your Anglican days!

  • Andrew

    Wow, Father. Your ‘makeshift Chapel’ looks better than most of the new faddie Churches built these days.Love the Cimabue crucifix.

  • Jeannine

    This is lovely, Father. I am also impressed with what you could do on a budget. Of course your heart is in the right place!

  • Anonymous

    Well done! Congratulations to all who participated in this work.

  • Anonymous

    Father,I love your blog-thank you for the pictures of your Chapel. I have passed them onto our local Catholic School. They have a Chapel that they are going to “update”. The best news is that they have had Jesus in the Tabernacle for about 5 years now and actually have Adoration every Thursday during the school day. We were wondering if it was the only school in the US to have that blessing? The School is pre K-8th. Maybe you could drop the principal a word of Thank you again for your vocation and your courage in TRUTH–John

  • Judge373

    Hmmm, the missal’s turned the wrong way.

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