The Curmudgeon is Back

I was greeted first thing this morning at school by a reader of the blog who said, “The curmudgeon is back!” He was referring to a few of my recent posts which assumed a tone which was (ahem) shall we say, somewhat more opinionated than my usual meek and mild, sweetness and light attitude.

My posts on hymns in church and my ridicule of Al Bore seems to have come across as more curmudgeonly than usual, and I suppose I must admit that perhaps I’m like one of the two grumpy old muppets pictured above.

The curious thing is, my post on hymns was picked up by a couple of other bloggers (including Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic) and my hits went through the roof.

Does being curmudgeonly win readers? Do the little band of people who read this blog actually like a bit of spit and sizzle from time to time? I don’t know what people like to read. I just cough up what is given. The only method in my madness is that I try to keep posts pithy and short. I try to maintain variety by having some current events, some theology, some liturgy, some spirituality, some personal stuff, poetry and arts comments, and try to keep things both entertaining and inspiring.

Whether or not I am succeeding—I dunno. I keep blogging because people get in touch through the blog. People write for help, for advice and for friendship. I guess it is worthwhile.

…and if I get too grumpy sometimes and offend, then I apologize. Forgive me. What do I know about it? Nuttin. Nada. Rien.

  • Rachel Gray

    Well, a really curmudgeonly post is delightful for those who share the viewpoint. I don’t think you’ve been that grumpy though, Father! And I find your blog very interesting.

  • fried chicken strips

    Andrew Sullivan the gay activist? David Morrison’s counterpart? LOL. What is he doing here?

  • Mephibosheth

    Ooh, since my blog is linked on yours, that makes me just 2 degrees of separation from Andrew!You know, if you imagine Statler and Waldorf with clerical collars, they WOULD like a lot like Frs. Longenecker and Newman…

  • Judge373

    Mephi, great idea. Any Photoshop experts who can get on this right away?