Catholicism UK’s top Religion

The Daily Telegraph reports that Catholics attending mass outnumber members of the established Church of England. Pentecostals come in third.

Lest Catholics crow in triumph, the increase in numbers is not attributable to the dynamic state of the Catholic church in Britain, but it can be put down to the large numbers of Eastern European Catholics entering the country.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    …and to massive numbers of C of E who don’t give a hoot.

  • Mark

    Father, aren’t these Poles and other Eastern Europeans British too? Or are they expected to be temporary workers who return home?

  • Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ

    Lots of my friends are eastern European..very devout & lovely people some of who have been mentally scarred ie my Kosovan friends..

  • Oliver Hayes

    This is not news at all: this was said 15 years ago. The Catholic church is the largest only by default of the virtual collapse of the Church of England. Islam is fast overtaking.

  • Mark

    Hi Oliver,I can understand your comments in light of you being a ‘Brummy’, but I do not think Islam is fast overtaking Christianity in the UK. Its notoriety stems from its disproportional coverage in our media and obviously stems from world and domestic conflict with Islam. The 2001 census gives us the figures that Christianity is still the main religion, with 41 million people. Muslims were the largest non-Christian religious group – 1.6 million, obviously attendance at places of worship is a different matter but solely on the numbers game Christianity in the UK is not under threat. Happy Christmas.

  • A Simple Sinner

    Could we per chance consider the working of Providence in bringing these transplants far from home and over sea to this happy if needful island?I’m not pragmatic enough, I guess, to write off what growth there has been, as just a demographic accident.Merry Christmas. Or, if you speak English, Happy Christmas!

  • Augustine

    I find such triumphalist statements rather pathetic. So just 25% of British Catholics attend Sunday Mass regularly. Yawn!Sure, Anglicans fare far worse, but it’s not even a Christian religion anymore (ask the Canterbury primate).So, if my guess that most of the 1.6 million Muslims attend Friday prayers, England is actually a Muslim country. For one thing is declaring one’s religion in a census, something else is actually living it. State statistician can’t tell a dead religion from a living one. We can, every Sunday by looking at the empty pews around us and the shorter line for Confession during the restricted times alloted for it than for the Eucharist.