The Darth Vader Code

Art experts in Italy have uncovered images of Darth Vader in Leonardo DaVinci’s masterpieces. They can only be found when mirrors are placed in certain spots of the paintings. In the meantime another scholar has uncovered a previously undiscovered manuscript in the secret Vatican libraries showing that “DaVinci” is actually a shortened codename version of:Darth Vincible–the original name of the famous baddie before it was corrupted to Darth Vader. It is now being theorized that George Lucas is a re-incarnation of Leonardo DaVinci…I think we should be told the truth, and that the Vatican should stop the international conspiracy cover up.
Check this article for the full story…

  • phbrown

    That’s nothing compared to what you get if you put one of Leonardo’s paintings on an old record player and play it backwards….Peace,–Peter

  • Jay Fuller

    Compelling evidence!

  • Jeffrey Smith

    “Enquiring minds want to know…”

  • Anonymous

    HA HA HA. Your article is much better than the original, I think you could get at least one movie deal. Excuse me while I hold up mirrors to every painting in my “Sister Wendy’s Great Art Masterpieces” book…Gail

  • Gary

    Methinks the gifted Canadian poetess, Aislinn Simpson, should stick to her poetry.I had a trigonomics teacher who was a dead ringer for Yoda.