Flying Visit

Somebody asked in the combox “Where is Fr. Dwight?” The answer is, London.

I flew out on the night flight from Charlotte on Monday, went to a meeting on Tuesday, and flew home on Wednesday morning arriving back in Greenville at 6pm.

Wasn’t even there long enough to get jet lag.

It was all pretty painless, but I couldn’t help feeling that we are not really designed to be doing this very often…

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  • Adrienne

    Get some extra rest anyway and drink lots of water.Enjoying you posts however, you seem to have attracted quite a number of wackos(not you jackie).That happens when you tell the truth:)

  • PraiseDivineMercy

    LOL @ adrienne….Calling you “Father” does not prevent us womenfolk from mothering you. Take better care of yourself! ^_^And it’s indeed true that any respectable publication must have a resident troll or two.