Hundreds of Thousands

This pro-life site claims 225,000 people marched for life this year.

  • Jonathan

    Dwight,Sorry I missed you at the Right-to-Life March. I am usually out there every year for my lunchtime run, and I always notice how the turnout for life is in any given y ear. In my estimation, the crowds were down somewhat this year from biggest rallies of the past; the cold, wet weather was not helping. I have a fresh topic to nominate, that I think will help keep your blog momentum going on right-to-life issues: what do you know about microchimerism? — See this month’s Scientific American: wild directions you can go with this topic might be mind-blowing: Did Mary the Mother of Our Lord, end up harboring some of Jesus’ human cells, for decades even, even after his crucifixion? If we take it, that somehow the nature of our being gets infused in our cells, does it include the spiritual part of our nature? If so, can it be assumed also that among the little understood phenomena, is that these spiritual forces get transmitted across individuals via the described micro-transmission of cells: such as by touch, in utero, by taking communion?

  • chimakuni

    Father – we here in Washington State had the largest rally I have ever witnessed. We FILLED the steps of the capitol. I reckon about 2,500 were in attendance.The pro-aborts were small in number, but brought their drums and their nonsense…even streaking, about four or five buck naked old folks. The police just watched them, but did not arrest them.Sad – we had children with us – and they (the streakers) broke the law with indecent exposure. One of the police officers I spoke to said that they had to be careful with the other side – they had to choose their battles.That about sums up the whole pro-abort situation, doesn’t it? We cannot be too hard on those who run naked in front of us, we cannot be too hard on those who kill the most innocent among us.We did a Hike4Life – prayed at 12 different abortion mills over a four day period starting in Bremerton, Washington down to Olympia. The apathy, the indifference to life is deafening.

  • Tertium Quid

    My dad told me that 127 students (out of 900) at John Carroll High School in Birmingham went to the March. I went to an evangelical college during the 1980s when abortion would not have mobiled that many college kids.