Big Bad Bill

Click here to see Big Bad Bill get mad when faced with pro life supporters. Are Bill and Hillary trustworthy? Here’s the man who twice vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion, trying to claim credit for bringing down abortion and teen pregnancy numbers. Go figure.

UPDATE: Bill’s tirade happened at Steubenville. There is more about it here.

  • Rob C.

    The former president’s accusation that pro-life people want to see pregnant mothers imprisoned was scurrilous in the extreme. Apparently nothing is beneath the man.Such conduct shows that his appointment of Jocelyn Elders to Surgeon General was no anomaly.

  • Anonymous

    “Apparently nothing is beneath the man.”Hmmm, I wouldn’t be too sure about that!

  • chimakuni

    I was just a little incensed when I saw Bill’s tantrum! I wrote about it on my blog – ( not promoting my blog, but as a post abortive woman, I do have the opinion that Bill is WRONG!