UK Labour Government ‘Demonic’

It’s not often that I side with Anglican bishops, but the Bishop of Carlisle speaks for me when he brands the UK Labour Government as ‘demonic.’ You can read about it here.

The bishop isn’t quite that blunt, but he says the Brown government with it’s draconian pro-homosexual laws, is like the decadent Roman Empire written about in demonic terms in the Book of Revelation. When you add to this the Labour government’s total relaxation of all restrictions on embryo experimentation –even allowing human-animal genetic experiments you can see what he’s getting at.

Today’s Mass readings focus on the prophet Jonah. We need a few more Jonahs I reckon–prophets who are willing to point out the horrors our modern society promotes.

  • kkollwitz

    Here’s my hypothesis, I’ve thought about it for several seconds:Once artificial contraception is ok, everything else is possible, and eventually will happen, including human-animal genetic experiments and draconian pro-homosexual laws.Nice to see an English bishop speak out while he still can.Also nice to see one of my favorite words, “reckon” used in a public forum.

  • PraiseDivineMercy

    So when is Bishop Carlisle converting again? ^_^I agree with kkollwitz. though I caution on using a slippery slope argument. Is it not the atheistic libertarian mindset that rejects natural law that leads to all of this?

  • PraiseDivineMercy

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  • Stephen

    An interesting juxtaposition of posts, Father: on the one hand a commendably compassionate view of the antics of dear but ever so camp Sebastian Flyte; on the other a commendation of the latest fire and brimstone utterance of the Bishop of Carlisle. I rather suspect his lordship wouldn’t take such benign view of Lord Sebastian’s blatant homosexual lifestyle even if it is only a piece of fiction. Because, as with Milton’s Devil, one is never quite sure whose side Evelyn Waugh was on. Hmmm.

  • Carolina Catholic

    Of course, the way for the Brown government was paved by Tony Blair, the newly-converted Catholic (sic). Blair will have much to reckon for on judgement day, I’ll wager. I just hope that he works as hard towards pro-Catholic issues in his political retirement as he did towards anti-Catholic issues in his leadership role.

  • bernadette

    Thankyou for the break from Brideshead. I loathed it.