Ad Orientem – 4

Fr Newman’s fourth letter on ad orientem celebration of the Mass

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  • You know, it never occured to me that a priest in rose vestments was in any fashion unmanly or “in pink”. Whatever else I have dealt with, I have always had some manly priests…You know in the victorian era, pink and rose as it is a derivative shade of red (the manly color of men) were always considered man’s colors.In our General Assembly (built in the 1850s) both chambers are – call it what else you want – pink.

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  • Now he’s talking!Just read Fr Newman’s lead on “Ad Orientem”. Excellent! More please!James Knox, some time Cardinal in charge of the Chiesa Nuova in Rome, put in a forward altar against the express wish of the protectress of the Church, Princess Borghese, defiantly ignoring the Fathers and the pleas of many of the Faithful that they preferred it the old way.He was but one among many who did such things at that time.Why did they do it?And why did they so brutally offend the Faithful in their manner of doing it?What was the point?Time to restore normality and it would not hurt to apologise to the Faithful who were so brutally treated in the past.Fr Newman is leading the way nicely.Credit where credit is due!