Lady MacBeth

London’s Daily Telegraph has to be the best paper in the world. The British coverage of the American presidential race is actually much better than the US coverage. The Brits have perspective on it all. They have nothing to lose if their guy (or gal) doesn’t win. They also have that somewhat cynical attitude that is essential for any political coverage.

My favorite is Toby Harnden–the Telegraph’s Washington correspondent. Here’s his blog. Check out his most recent post helping to expose Hillary’s ‘I was the hero in Tuzla’ fabrication. I hope Americans will soon realize that this woman is as much of a liar as her husband, and that like him, she will do anything to gain power.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Fr., good to see you blogging again. Was the France trip postponed? I thought that you were supposed to be leading a pilgrimage this week.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    omygosh! I totally forgot! I’m supposed to be in Paris right now…Just kidding. The trip is postponed until next Spring

  • Anonymous

    They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but I don’t know.So often, people in my circle would pooh-pooh me for saying anything negative about Lord and Lady MacBeth. And now, those same people are agog at the depths to which this greusome couple will sink to to get to their goals. You think now, after this election, and the veneer is peeled off, people will be more willing to revisit the true motives of the “wag the dog” war in Bosnia?

  • mARK

    Dear Fr. LongeneckerYou may wish to spend sometime updating your American readers of the situation that is raging in the UK regarding the Human/Animal fertilisation bill; I have rarely seen the BBC so animated or the left wing MPs so angry at the Catholic Church or those Catholic MPS daring to oppose Gordon Brown. A great deal of airtime is being spent attacking the Church from the huge secularist lobby See:∈_page_id=1772∈_author_id=256for an excellent resume of the situation.RegardsMark He is Risen Alleluia Alleluia.

  • Mark

    For some reason the URL was chopped, just join it back together∈_page_id=1772∈_author_id=256Or search for:Melanie Phillips – If this monstrous Bill is not a matter for MPs, then what is? – Daily MailMark

  • Mac McLernon

    this woman is as much of a liar as her husband???Oh no, dear Father, surely not!? The BBC said that she admitted she “mis-spoke” on this occasion!;-D

  • Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    Alas, that Sen. Obama seems every bit as intrinsically dishonest as the Clintons. And woe, that Sen. McCain seems little better!This year, I am going to vote for a good man, with a prayer that enough people do so that party hacks start seeking such to run for office.

  • kentuckyliz

    Back in the Monica Lewinsky days, I used the Lady Macbeth analogy. Shrillary grabs the stained blue dress and starts scrubbing. “Out, damned spot!”To make it worse–what was truly shocking was her promise to stay in the race because RFK was assassinated in June. With all the whispering still going on about Vince Foster, Shrillary better hope and pray Obama lives because if he is assassinated, her critics will point to the Vince Foster case and her prophetic words of promise and think she did it.