Lost for Words

Today at school our little chapel was full of middle school students for daily Mass in celebration of the Annunciation.

My heart was full. There was so much going on spiritually in that small space, that I am lost for words.
First of all is the beauty of twenty or thirty middle school students who give up most of their lunch break to come to Mass. They are so attentive, so ready to receive God’s word and the body and blood of Christ. Next is the beauty of the non-Catholic students who come to Mass. They too know that God is there and they want to be there. I’m lost for words…
Then at this most beautiful solemnity when we all knelt at the words of the incarnation in the creed, the presence in the silence of the Word of God made flesh was so real and powerful….I’m lost for words.
Then to look out at the young girls who were there–most of them just a year or so younger than the Blessed Virgin would have been when she received the word of God….I’m lost for words.
Then the realization at the consecration and the elevation of the host that here too the Word is being made flesh under the new covenant. The reality of the truth long believed, and yet entered into more fully at an unexpected moment. I was lost for words…
And this year the Annunciation coming at an unexpected time, coming this year after Easter. It all came together in a way I will always remember, but never be able to express fully.
Then when one of the faculty members came out of Mass–her own eyes welling up and managing to choke out the words, “Father…just beautiful…just beautiful…thank you.”
I was lost for words.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. Being inside God’s Church does this to me, too.

  • Anonymous

    Fortunatly you were not totally “lost for words”; I just love it when you share such personal spiritual reflections!