Servers at St Joseph’s

The servers and chaplain from St Joseph’s School after the recent blessing of our new Blessed Sacrament Chapel and altars–part of the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of the school.

More photos here if anyone is interested.
PS: That’s our son Benedict top left

  • Anonymous

    Nice hat!Gail in Cincinnati

  • Adrienne

    Looking good!!

  • Pavegs

    such holy servants of God. Happy altar boys and a happy priest; so good to see.

  • my15minutes

    Where was my boy that day? Playing hookey? :-)

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I should say these are but nine of our twenty or so servers. Master Clark Burgess (for the record) is also a fine and dedicated server at St Joe’s.

  • Andrew

    Nice hat, Father =)