Anne Rice Update

There were some comments after my favorable review of Anne Rice’s Out of Egypt. Some were negative, but others speculated that Anne Rice was going to write another vampire novel.

My blog review got a mention on Anne Rice’s website, and I’ve now been asked to interview Anne Rice for an article in St Austin Review.
By the way, the Anne Rice website assures us that Mrs Rice is not going to write another vampire novel after all, and she has no plans to write a novel about Lestat being redeemed.
I personally thought it was kind of a corny idea anyway. The only way it could have been done well would either to make it totally understated and suggested, or to go the whole hog and do a kind of Flannery O’Connor treatment and make Lestat into a fire breathing, sweating, screaming, weeping televangelist with a big budget and big hair.

  • Adrienne

    I just started Out of Egypt. Must do this thing in order. I never could get into the Vampire books even though I like goulies and things that go bump in the night.Looking forward to the interview.

  • Mephibosheth

    I saw a modern-setting Dracula movie a few years ago (not one of Rice’s) that had some interesting Christian imagery. In spite of a Da Vinci Code-type plot turn (and this was before that book and movie came out), the central idea was fascinating. Dracula was purported to be none other than Judas Iscariot. His thirst for blood was due to his unquenched thirst for the Precious Blood of Christ…the silver-bullet thing a riff on the 30 pieces…and the stake in the heart an allusion to the wood of the Cross.

  • Anne Rice

    Father, I love your website. If you want to interview me, I am delighted. My email is on my website. I’m here. Thank you for your kind mention of my book. Take care, Anne Rice. (its— not the gmail account. Thanks again, Anne.