Bloggers Meet

Fr Ben Kiely the secretive, English priest blogger,  ‘Owl of the Remove’,  is visiting Greenville this weekend. 

We had an excellent dinner together with Joseph Pearce, Fr Newman and Fr Bart. Discussion centered on the reform of the reform, England and America, notable drunkards we have met, the decline of the Old Country and the horrific music at the Washington Papal Mass.
Forgive the grainy photos. They were taken on my cell phone.

  • W.

    Boy, I need to speed up that move to Greenville! I like that: not just “drunkards we have met,” but “notable drunkards we have met.” Ha!

  • Mac McLernon

    Gosh, Fr. Ben doesn’t look happy to have been snapped for posterity…You can tell him he looks younger than he blogs!

  • Jeffrey Smith

    That’s odd. He doesn’t look like Bunter.You don’t even want to know about the notable drunkards I’ve known.

  • Ttony

    Tell him: “Cameras can’t take away postal orders”. It might not make him smile, but it might make him less unhappy.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I wonder how many of the people reading this have any idea of what we’re talking about?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    What makes you think anyone is reading it?