Cathedral Quiz 3

Where’s this? More later.

  • Red Neck Woman

    I know that it’s not this one: dedicated today!! Rejoice with us. You can see how beuatiful it is here:;=6002137

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Coventry. Final answer.

  • Theocoid

    Yes, Coventry. Right next to the ruins of the original, right?

  • leutgeb


  • The Sheepcat

    Oh, is it Coventry then? I sang there once, in 1990 on my first visit to England, as a temporary recruit to an Anglican choir that was light on basses. I guess the architecture isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I confess I really liked it at the time. I loved the glass wall.

  • doughboy

    I think that’s in England.

  • Anonymous

    That looks like Coventry to me, it may not look much on the outside but you should see the stained glass from inside.Angela

  • ladyhobbit

    I remember a college professor telling us students how great it was that the people of Coventry built a modern building instead of trying to re-build the Gothic one. Ugh.

  • kentuckyliz

    I’ve been there. It just shows that bombing old cathedrals is a crime against humanity, a war crime, and should carry the death penalty.