Cathedral Quiz 4

Question 4…The palm trees are a giveaway.

  • Anonymous

    Is that an egg crate on top?

  • TMB

    Your Holiness,Easy one. The Cathedral of the Most Holy Zuchetto. Look at all the white zuchettos on the roof! Also, the palmetto trees gave it away.Your humble servant,tmb

  • doughboy

    St. Lily of the Hothouse.

  • pritcher

    Managua, Nicaragua. In its defense, the inside of the cathedral is quite stark and lovely. What they were thinking about when they designed the outside, I’ve no idea.When I was there, I remember hearing that it was designed by the guy who owned Domino’s Pizza…though I do hope I’m remembering that wrong.

  • MAB

    Stark and lovely? Yikes.