Cathedral Quiz 7

any guesses?

  • phbrown

    Possibly St. Mickey’s; it has something of a Disneyland air. Alternatively, it could be the Church of the Holy Bookshelf; that sure looks like a bookshelf one layer behind the red-and-yellow front.Peace,–Peter

  • Padre Steve

    Yikes! Do people have to look at that for the next 500 years!?

  • Paul

    Hong Kong?

  • blarg

    St. Mickey’s, you mean McDonald’s. How elaborate.

  • Rich

    Fr. Steve,Thankfully, people 100 years from now will not have to suffer our architectural monstrosities. Since many are held up by drywall and 2″X4″ wood beams, they will be falling apart by the end of the century.So see, there’s hope yet.

  • Carlos

    Isn’t this the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Dominican Republic is the correct answer.

  • maureen

    Are you sure that it is not the cathedral of Lego-land?