Cathedral Quiz 8

Go for it…

  • Padre Steve

    Is this in Gothic Industrial? Just kidding!

  • doughboy


  • diedre

    TAJ MAHONEY: 25 years on?

  • Anonymous

    Spadeaman RAF base control room.

  • kkollwitz

    Is it Unitarian?

  • Kelly

    Is this the one that JPII started building as an Archbishop in Poland? Where they had to build it out of stones from the field and cheap concrete? It’s supposed to be really modern.

  • niggle

    St. Peter’s Cathedral, Sydney Australia. Just after new renovation. Pastor: Georger MillerAssistant Pastor: MasterSecretary: BlasterAltar Servers: Pig Killer, Toe cutter, Mudguts and Tina TurnerGardener: Mad Max

  • Anonymous

    +Nope, it’s not JP’s.

  • RB

    I know you’re kidding niggle, but I hope you are able to come to Sydney for World Youth Day this July. The beauty of the Cathedral-Basilica of Mary, Help of Christians is hard to match in the southern hemisphere. It was lovingly built (and rebuilt twice, after fires) in a gothic revival style and really makes it hard to believe that it’s less than 200 years old. The feeling of stepping into an utterly timeless world is only more pronounced in a country that had never seen buildings until two and a half centuries ago.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a section of the roof. Is it Westminster?Benfan

  • Anonymous

    Our Lady of Alcatraz


    Our Lady of Chernobyl, methinks?

  • Rich

    St. Sludgeamonk DaPoo, patron saint of water treatment facility workers.

  • DimBulb

    St Michael Rowe’s Parish. St Mike is of course the patron saint of dirty jobs.

  • niggle

    RB,Believe me, if I could afford it, I would go to Australia even if there wasn’t World Youth Day. Maybe it was the lush books by Graeme Base I read as a kid.