cathedral Quiz 9

make a guess…

  • A Simple Sinner

    Episcopal denomination?

  • Fr Ray Blake

    It’s the ‘Brough. Do I get a prize? Can I press the plunger on a 20th century cathedral of my choice? Can I come to the States and do it?

  • Rachel Gray

    Fr. Blake, please, please do!

  • The Sheepcat

    Didn’t you show this one before, Father? I thought you likened it to a dentist’s office in Middlesbrough.

  • Paul

    I’m enjoying the quiz. But how about including some nice-looking cathedrals too, so as not to get your readers too depressed over the sad state of church architecture?

  • Anonymous

    I think this one looks quite nice but surely a little small for a cathedral.Angela

  • JamesP

    Middlesbrough of course!

  • dominic

    Well, yes, it’s Middlesbrough, and it’s ghastly. And its location is very odd, too – miles outside the centre of town by a retail park

  • Clavem Abyssi

    It’s not ugly – it’s just an ugly church.I’m sure it’s very wheelchair accessible.

  • The Epiphany Artist

    It looks like something in Germany during the Holocost…