Cathedral Quiz

A reader sent me this photograph. Not knowing what it was, I thought I’d open a competition for readers to identify the building. Large cash prizes will be given to all winners…

  • Mike Gomez

    That would be a photograph of our cathedral, “Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels”, otherwise known as the “Rog Mahal” for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA.

  • TMB

    Father,Unfortunately, I have to “confess” that I have been there. It’s Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles. My advice…don’t visit…esthetically, it is horrible!! I refer to it as “Mahonyland.” Terry

  • mrsdarwin

    I’m late to the game, but I immediately recognized Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. Indeed, I have been there (the inside is not quite as ugly as the outside, though it’s a toss-up — I did like the tapestries of the saints, for what that’s worth). When you drive past it on the freeway, it looks like a prison with that big scary bell tower.Mike — I’ve also heard it refered to as the “Taj Mahony”.

  • Rachel Gray

    I just posted about that at really bugs me about the LA Cathedral is the thought of what a beautiful, beautiful church *could* have been built with the money.

  • Will Duquette

    Everybody picks on our new cathedral…but the best thing I’ve heard said about it was said by my wife Jane after we attended this year’s Respect Life mass there: “It looks funny, but it prays like a church.” And in fact, it does. And the location is outstanding. I was downtown on Jury Duty in January, and having the cathedral right there was a real blessing.

  • Anonymous you go save you a trip downtown. Horrible architecture. The Tabernacle actually scares me because if you look at it wrong I think it might eat me. -XeroJC2000

  • Anonymous

    Looks like it belongs in Texas – it is built in the “tornado proof” design we are required to have here. The schools, churches, everything, must withstand a minimum 78 mph wind and gusts of over 100 mph.Does Cardinal Prophet Mahony know something about the future of Los Angeles that we don’t know?Tornadoes in Tinsel Town!

  • Joe of St. Thérèse

    The Rog Mahal, although I must confess, I want to see a giant target sign on the Rog Mahal