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Over at First Things blog Anthony Sacramone includes some witticisms from the great British sit-com Yes Minister about the Church of England…The Prime Minister is trying to appoint a Church of England bishop (yes they really are appointed by the government) and concludes, “So the ideal candidate would be a cross between a socialite and a socialist?” 

“Yes, Prime Minister.”
It’s a quip worthy of Chesterton.
Meanwhile the ad on the First Things blog features Joseph Pearce’s new book an Shakespeare the Catholic. I interviewed Joseph on WCKI our local Catholic radio station this morning fresh back from the California book launch.

  • Tara

    Father,Off the subject, are you still going to be on the Journey Home next week?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    No. Marcus is in Denmark interviewing converts. I’ll be on again in the Fall

  • Gashwin

    Father, a teeny quibble: that is actually an episode of Yes Prime Minister, the sequel to Yes Minister. I believe it’s from the episode, The Bishop’s Gambit, one of my absolute favorites. The series overall is just brilliant! Apparently, PM Brown has suggested that the Prime Minister’s role in recommending the appointment of Bishops to the Sovereign should be reduced or even eliminated (see this Wikipedia entry). Whether any of this amounts to a hill of beans is a separate question altogether, given the state of the CofE …

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Do they still wear gaiters?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    My brother in law is the Bishop of Gloucester. I have not seen him wearing gaiters (nor did I ever see a gaitered leg on either a bishop or an archdeacon during my time as an Anglican priest) Nor do you see them wearing the apron of high ranking Freemasons, which you can see in many episcopal portraits from the early to mid 20 century.

  • kkollwitz

    That was a great morning hearing you and Pearce on the radio.

  • kentuckyliz

    That government church is an abomination; the more I know about its history, the more it makes me retch. Jesus did not promise to build his church on Herod, or Pilate, or Caesar…but Peter. Crystal clear in the Bible.

  • kentuckyliz

    BTW re Shakespeare being a Catholic, I have been intending for a long time to get Claire Asquith’s book on the subject. Have you read it? Is Pearce saying anything new and different from Asquith?I have Pearce’s book and it’s in the pile of will-read books. That’s a large pile.I’m a big Pearce fan, really enjoy his writing and speaking and mag work. I’m the founding member of the Joseph Pearce fan club (kidding).