Quarr Abbey

I first visited Quarr Abbey while an Anglican curate serving in East Sussex. I went with a priest friend who had served on the Isle of Wight, and loved the place immediately. I went back several times on retreat, and it was the Benedictine life at Quarr, and the antiquated pace of life on the island which drew me to apply for a couple of country parishes there after my time at Cambridge.

Quarr was a haven while I served as an Anglican priest on the Isle of Wight. I would spend many days off there, and on Sundays, very often drove over to attend Vespers and Solemn Benediction before nipping back to my parish to take Evensong. The monks were always welcoming and never pushy. I had great conversations with Fr Joe Warrilu, Abbot Leo gave me spiritual direction and Fr Joe McNerney–a Canadian witn an Evangelical background, who found refuge at Quarr –eventually received us into the Catholic Church at Quarr.

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    I discovered Quarr Abbey today…almost by accidentI was stunned by its beauty …How I would have loved to have seen more, to have spoken with someone..but the beauty was enough…Bless the man who designed and built such an abbey