Gaffney Peach

The post on cherry picking led to comments about the abundant peach orchards of upstate SC. This prodigious crop has been immortalized by the famous ‘Gaffney Peach’. This water tower can be seen alongside I-85 a few miles north of Greenville as you drive to or from Charlotte.

This is one of the things I so admire about Americans. They not only blazon their poor taste across the country, but they do so with cheerful pride. 
I saw a car shaped like a hot dog the other day…

  • Éstiel

    If you think the peach is bad, you should see the giant peanut on I-75.

  • fried chicken strips

    I do actually own a replica of the Oscar Mayer winer mobile. Very classy, I’ve had it most of my life. Don’t ask me why I carry such junk with me, maybe I’m just a Yankie.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Bad taste? I suppose. But sometimes things are just for fun…

  • David L. Hall

    Thanks for the reminder of “home.” We see it every time we go to SC from our PA dwelling.There was a time when Spartanburg County grew more peaches than the whole state of Georgia (“the peach state”). When I was a child, almost 6 of the seven miles to our country church was solid peach orchards on both sides of the road. People in our church were peach growers and we had access to just-off-the-tree-ripe peaches that were as big a man’s fist — “drippy-sweet” and so delicious.All the best from Libby and me to you and your family. — David, from Heart for God.

  • Tom in Vegas

    Reminds me of James and the Giant Peach.

  • Jordan

    Pride in poor taste? Is that a slam on the rednecks of SC or America in general?You have a lot to offer- you’re creative, you have mastered the language, and you are Catholic.Don’t go off on America to appease your former compatriots. That is so unfair. Laugh at the foibles, but don’t make such a damning comment on the American culture, the very lacking one that let you relocate as a priest with a wife and a family.American priests struggle every day whether it be with celibacy or their gayness.You’ve got it made. Right here in America.You didn’t get that in England, did you? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and lets you live a full and fruitful life.And as far as your anti-abortion stance that rips you apart, I ask you this: Why don’t we do more to help the girls/women who feel the economic and emotional devastation in bringing a child into this world? Where’s Head Start? Where’s government subsidized DayCare so they can work and take care of their baby? They should have that help! Or is the anti-abortion movement more concerned with securing more white babies for adoption?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Jordan, I think you missed my point. I actually like the Gaffney peach, and hot dog cars, and restaurants with big donuts on the top and all that stuff.I’m not anti-American. I value and respect our celibate priests and am humbled that I have been permitted to join their ranks.I think many pro life charities do much to help women who choose to keep their children rather than abort them. We work with Bethany Services–just one among many that do wonderful work in this way.

  • elizabeth

    Make that drive on 85 with a verbose toddler who, since potty training, is all too conversant in the field of anatomy and wait for it … “Mommy! It’s a big bottom!”I’m intrigued by Jordan’s comment. In an ideal society, there would be parenting coops so single moms and the unexpectedly pregnant could both keep their children and work to support their families. Organizations like Birthright do much to help women who want to parent their babies get over the difficult transition. I believe that both abortion and adoption are permanent solutions to what is usually only a temporary problem. What you’re proposing is akin to what Ann Fessler championed in the book “The Girls Who Went Away.” The very real problem is … who pays for these myriad govt social services to help young, single moms? And the larger question — is this even the responsibility of govt? We’d be doing a much better service to our daughters to make them aware of the risks of premarital sex rather than railing about how there should be more public agencies to swoop in and take over when their decisions put them and their unborn babies in precarious positions.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    The peach does look rather like a bottom, one must admit.This combox has taken a rather bizarre turn into care of down & out women.Therefore I will use this opportunity to shamelessly plug CNEWA, the Catholic Near East Welfare Association. They have an orphanage set up for homeless girls and are looking for dontations. I’m sure many of you have seen the news footage of young iraqi christian refugees being forced into prostitution in Syria. Please Help.

  • Dymphna

    When I was a child I always used to get excited when I saw the big peach. It meant we were only a few more miles away from home and grandma’s fried chicken. As for this being bad taste I suspect you’ve lived too long in foreign parts.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    When I was a child I always used to get excited when I saw the big peach. It meant we were only a few more miles away from home and grandma’s fried chicken. Me too!

  • Edenberrygrl

    Hey now! :-) I don’t consider the peach bad taste…it has character! I’ve known it my whole life and it makes me smile every time I see it, which I think is the whole point. It’s familiar and fun. Would I keep one in my backyard? ….No, but I like it! ;-) Go Gaffney Peach!

  • Amy Giglio

    I love that peach! We bought a bushel of peaches from a farm stand right off of 85 and broughtthem back to NJ. Boy, we ate a lot of peaches!Jordan, you seem angry. I’ll pray for you. Wish there was more on your profile so I could try to see where you’re coming from.

  • Marcus Aurelius

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  • kentuckyliz

    I think it’s wrong to make mothers work who have small children. It damages the parent-child bonding and is not good in the long term. Society should quit with the slave labor and let these moms stay at home and invest in a healthy start for the next generation of our citizens. Sticking infants in day care is abominable and damaging.Yeah, “society” has to pay for it because “society” wrote a check its ass can’t cash: the Sexual Revolution. There are a myriad of prices to pay including this one. Suck it up.In fact, the government has got more aggressive in the last couple of decades in making the biodads pay for their “jerk and a dribble” children. Why should the taxpayers be more of a dad than the biodad? He is responsible for his seed. That’s what the law says, anyway.Failing biodad support, then yes, “society” pays and gladly.BTW I like the peach.Google Big Butter Jesus. It’s on I75 Northbound side, between Cincinnati and Dayton OH, at the Solid Rock Church. The giant peach of Christian kitsch. Touchdown!!! Heywood Banks even wrote a comedy song about it, featured regularly on Bob and Tom.