Caption Competition

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    B16: Vy doss he vare his zuchetto on his nose?

  • niggle

    Headline: FIRST KOALA ADMITTED INTO HOLY ORDERS: Benedict flips the bird to liberal heretics.

  • David

    “I thought you all were going to try to distribute condoms.”

  • Bing22047

    “It’s so soft.. This would make a great Mozetta!”

  • ~~~mary

    As part of his fact finding mission to replace ermine in papal wear, the Holy Father “samples” native Australian goods.

  • Thursday

    Pope Benedict XVI seen here attempting his best imitation of St Francis of Assisi.

  • Éstiel

    “It’s my turn to hold the teddy bear!”

  • jedesto

    Does it like kitty-kats?

  • Thursday

    Zis ist so much better than ze last time I came here and had to exzocize ze tazmanian devil!

  • bernadette

    “Is zees an Extraordinary Form Koala ? He does not vant to look at me. Got Bless heem.”

  • veganvixen052507

    “It iz like a big kitty! I wantz one precious!”On a side note: isn’t there a picture of JPII with a koala?