Catholic Charismatic Conference

Yesterday I spoke at the Regional Catholic Charismatic Conference. I began my talk by admitting to the group that I was not a card carrying charismatic, but went on to thank them for their contribution to the church and shared with them the ways that the renewal movement has influenced my life and ministry for the better.

The heart of my talk was based around my new book, Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing. The book shows how the mysteries of the rosary follow the different stages of life, and that by praying the rosary we can enter into the different stages of Christ’s perfect life and so appropriate the graces he brought to human existence for our own healing, the healing of our families, our friends and our world. Each section on the different mysteries has healing examples from my own ministry and explains how that mystery and it’s graces can be applied to our lives. It’s a practical and simple way for Catholics to be involved in the healing ministry.
I have not blogged about this new book since it is not yet available through my website. I’ve been aiming to do a re-fit of the website since May, and it has not happened yet. I’m almost there, and it will soon be available to purchase through the books page on the site. However, if people would like a copy, drop me an email.

  • Jackie Parkes

    Sounds good…I read your article I think on the same theme..

  • David

    This book gives very specific information and inspiring stories that will help you in your prayers and begin healing in your life.

  • Ouiz

    I was there!Thank you again for your talk. You said certain things that I really, really needed to hear.The book is wonderful as well, and I have recommended it to my Bible study group.God bless!