Catholic Church Alive in UK

Melanie McDonagh writes here on how the Catholic Church is thriving in the UK.

  • Soutenus

    Good link – inspiring to hear of thriving churches overflowing with people!!Please come over to A Catholic Notebook and add your personal favorite Catholic books to the growing list via the com box. I’d like to put together a Blogger’s Choice Catholic Reading List. I can’t wait to see and share the results. Come on by!

  • CPT Tom

    A good article, until the end, where, sadly, we see the true nature of the writer come out: The Roman Catholic perception of this quarrel is instructive. While some suppose that such a battle could never happen in the Roman church, wiser heads recognise that issues over clerical celibacy and the role of women are never going to go away, however authoritarian the present leadership. Some see the Church of England as a theological laboratory, some as a sign of things to come. Those of us who believe that the struggle for an inclusive Church is prompted by the Holy Spirit know that, one day, they too will pass through the refining fire of moral conflict. So obviously the the orthodoxy they talk about in the article was an inconvenient truth to the story they really wanted to tell, the triumph of progressivism, so, they have to paint it as misguided and people are still going to have to face the same in the Catholic church because the “Holy Spirit” is leading the charge of progressivism, and smart people, like the writer, know that and we’re all dolts for not realizing it. What rubbish.