Knife Crime in UK

Knife crime is at epidemic proportions in Britain’s inner cities, with an attack of some kind taking place every four minutes. In London alone 21 young people have been stabbed to death this year.

A church group has come up with a new solution. It’s reported here. The suggestion is that church leaders should move into crime ridden inner city areas to work with the youths and become role models since most of the boys who stab each other don’t have Dads.

Whoops! problem is, since women’s ordination the Anglican Church has been turned into a matriarchy remember? Nearly half of Anglican clergy are now female. Besides, the whole church for the most part, has turned its back on patriarchy in favor of feminism.

One thing the report does have right: the anarchy and youth violence in our inner cities is linked to the breakdown of the family. What nobody is daring to say is that the breakdown of the family is linked with contraception, abortion, divorce, promiscuity, homosexuality and feminsim. You can’t have it both ways: first you emasculate the men, kick out the fathers, get rid of patriarchy, feminize the faith, then you wring you hands saying, “Oh dear! the young men are so nasty and violent! They should have positive role models! I wonder if those fathers we got rid of are in the attic, and can be dusted off?”

Historically, the Anglo Catholics were the ones who went into Britain’s inner city slums, but those who have not already pulled out are about to. The Catholics didn’t need to go into the inner city slums. They were already there.

The report also admires Catholics, recognizing the example of the Catholic priests who have moved into the slums in South American cities and got their hands dirty with the roughest and poorest of humanity. Could the positive role models of these courageous priests have anything to do with the fact that the Catholic Church reserves the priesthood to men?

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Um, i would just like to point out to all you liberal peaceniks out there that this is living proof that gun control doesn’t work. Violent people just find new weapons and that has always been the case. So there. P

  • David

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  • David

    It was a certain Fr. Tom that helped lead me home to the Catholic church. Had it not been for his help, the transition would have been much more difficult.But then he was transferred and a very elderly priest who apparently does Mass like the game rapid fire was appointed.My point is that Fr. Tom is a good man and an amazing priest.

  • fried chicken strips

    Amen. I lost my father when I was 14, but I moved to Greenville and found this other father. Gosh, I love him to pieces. God bless and enrich all fathers in their essential ministry of love, both spiritual and biological.

  • Jackie Parkes

    We are in a mess aren’t we?

  • Éstiel

    Indeed, yes, Jackie.

  • the dúnadan

    Um, I would just like to point out to all you conservative gun nuts out there that if gun control didn’t work, violent people would still be able to get access to, er, guns. So far as the UK is concerned, that they are resorting to other weapons is not proof that gun control doesn’t work but that the law regarding those weapons is either too weak or that the deeper issues regarding why people carry weapons in the first place are not being addressed. I suspect both is the case. So there.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Dunadan,I’m sure we both agree that the criminal element, what with being criminals and what not, always get guns and/or other weapons. In the good ‘ol USA we can generally walk around in parks and cemetaries at night. Not so in the UK, so my friends from there tell me. 90 million people in the UK, and you’re stabbing and smashing each other. 300M in the USA, and yes of course we have crime, but there just doesn’t seem to be a strong connection between violent crime and gun laws. Both countries have had school shootings, stabbings, what have you.Fr. L’s post comes into play here. Handing out condoms does not stop teen pregnancy. Revoking gun rights from law abiding citizens is like condom laws for guns, in that rather than focus on ethics and winning hearts and minds you try to institutionalize your own people. I think Fr. L’s point about a strong male role model in a traditional priesthood, a christian society teaching an ethos of love… that is the sort of thing that might actually succeed. Do I believe in the sort of gun culture and violence portrayed in movies like Natural Born Killers (Which has been in the diaries of 9 of the last several school shootings BTW), Of course not! But I don’t here ranters from the UK in BBC comboxes bashing the USA for producing Oliver Stone and allowing violent movies! But neither do I subscribe to some fantasy that a government nanny state handing out condoms, taking away dangerous items like guns, dangerous movies, knives, and pencils will help anything. On the contrary, i would rather not be wearing some gray smock writing with crayons in some insane distopian, utilitarian nanny state. Though I must say that Oliver Stone has really not been held accountable for his NBK flick and its role in the international shooting spree.Word of advice: It’s best to bring a gun to a knife fight. Guns are great equalizers. Even the grandmas can defend themselves against thugs with a gun, all other things being equal! It makes the thugs a bit scared to take on the grandmas and so forth.

  • the dúnadan

    Aurelius,I live in inner city London and I can assure you that I am able to walk the streets at night without fear of being knifed or shot to death. You mention specifically parks and graveyards. I think I might pause before walking through either, but that would be because of simple fear of the unknown rather than because of a knowledge that crime is high or most likely in those areas.BTW: I am open to correction, but I believe the population of the UK is about 60 million, not 90m.I agree that winning hearts and minds is always better than using the law.I shall take you Word of Advice in hand. I think, however, if I am ever invited to a knife fight, I shall respectfully decline the invitation. d.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    D-You’re quite right. Both BBC and wikipedia have the population of the UK at 60M. I’m not sure where I got 90M.You don’t get to decline confrontational invitations from criminals, generally speaking. You missed two good catholic arguments against my thesis:(1)We are after instructed to turn the other cheek. (Though Christian ethicists usually believe self defense is OK – context of the scriptures and all that).(2)The practicallity of defending onself with a gun is very difficult. It sort of has to be loaded and at the ready to be any good in a surprise confrontation. They are heavy, difficult to wear in summer, and it is generally impolite to wear them as an accessory (even for us unwashed, backwoods colonials).So chances are that our best bet is in fact to reach out to the youth, rely on the retributionist justice system to help keep things in check, et cetera.

  • the dúnadan

    Aurelius,If I ‘missed’ any arguments for or against your thesis it is because I did not have the time to address everything you said. It would not have been fair to you to continue the debate in a half baked manner. Don’t beat yourself up for being a colonial. It doesn’t need to be like that. Come back to Britain. You know it makes sense.D.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    D-Thanks for the invite, but I’m still pissed off about the 17th century. I mean, I hate to hold a grudge for 350 years or so, but Cromwell, you know, sending all us anglo Roman catholics to places like Maryland as indentured servants … that was kind of a drag. Nowadays I suppose the Cromwellians amongst you are of a more secularist bent; though they seem quite fond of importing huge numbers of jihadist Pakistanis to do your heavy lifting. And they give a knighthood to Mugabe? Charles as a head of state? Isn’t he a buddhist? I suppose I should be glad that the neo-cromwellians are all a bunch of mamby-pamby gun shy nanny-statists. A bunch of Lord Nelson-esque cromwellians would be a bit more frightening. Perhaps the UK really does need to ban all sharp knives and have you all stocked with butter knives and pre-chopped meat. If you all get together and elect me President I could roll in heavy and help you set up a proper Federalist Republic wherein England has her own congress in Canterbury to counter Scotland’s and all that sort of thing. I’d be your first Catholic head of state since Mary. I’ll teach cap’n hastings to rant things like ‘Give me Liberty or give me deat!’ I’ll put things right, you’ll see. It’ll be fun. I’ll arm your pensioners to teeth. Call Me.