Now For Something Very Cool

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Last Friday was the Feast of St James. At Santiago de Compostella in Spain they use the six foot high thurible on the feast day. 

Here’s a clip showing it in action. More from Creative Minority Report.

  • The Digital Hairshirt

    Man, that is one turrible thurible! Awesome!

  • ~Joseph the Worker


  • Pribek

    Fr. Dwight, a couple of things here; I’m not sure how you showed up in the recommended feeds on my reader but, I’ve been enjoying your posts. I am not Catholic and, I really didn’t know what a thurible was until I read the link.I must say, that is one extreme incense delivery device. Looks plum dangerous.Best to you.

  • David

    That thing is freaking huge.

  • ARP

    It is nice to see the town where I live, Santiago de Compostela, in your blog, where the Apostle James the Great is buried.I have watched lots of times the Botafumeiro (traditional name for this thurible =’expelling-fume’) and it is always wonderful to watch it (or to see the pilgrims watching it).Maybe you would like to watch the romanesque Pórtico de la Gloria with a 360º camera

  • Brian P. Craig

    Wow. Worship at your own risk.

  • Richard Ballard

    Fr. Dwight,Any chance of getting one of those for St. Mary’s?!!Richard

  • Christopher Joseph

    At long last, conclusive proof that the inventors of the wrecking ball were Catholic. And my friend thought it was the Unitarians.