Off the Chart

Wow! I don’t often comment on the number of hits I’m getting because it sounds like I’m a sad geek checking sitemeter every five minutes, but on Monday I had 3700 hits and Tuesday 2800.

Where’s everybody coming from? I checked the referrals page, but there’s nothing special there.

  • Jennifer Zandstra

    I’m a referral from a few weeks ago, from Fr. Z’s blog…

  • Fr. G

    Father,Your loyal readers wants to check from time to time if you have any new news to share. It’s like a circuit, we check, WDPRS, AmPapist, Rotatae Caeli, NLM, Charlotte was both, etc regularly. So don’t be surprise if your webhitmeter ia all time high (esp. with Lambeth Conf. going on), just continue to feed us with your fresh article.Father Gary V.

  • Brian P. Craig

    I suspect the Lambeth conference (or indaba, or in-a-gadda-da-vida) is the catalyst for the spike. You’ve got just the insight people are looking for. Thank you.

  • danishcatholic

    Im a referral aswell from a couple of sites linking to your page about your experience and advice on coming home to rome. Im a traditional catholic reading WDPRS, Rorate Caeli, NLM etc.

  • M

    I’m in MI, but not bran-new…

  • Z1


  • jedesto

    I’m from Rocco Palmo’s “Whispers” and I check both of you regularly; in fact, I’m addicted now.jedesto

  • Sharon

    I’ve been checking in more often these days to keep up with your coverage of the Anglican events. Being a revert to Catholicism with a Methodist hubby and kids, I’m curious to see if the Anglican actions will drag sister Protestants down further into relativism or if there will be a broad rebound to orthodoxy. I am particulary anxious and hopeful that the traditional Anglicans will join us in full communion asap!

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Dear Greg, you can get the hamburger coupon from your local mega church.Furthermore, you can probably redeem it at the Wendy’s they have in the lobby next to the Starbucks.

  • thesheepcat

    Too funny, Father! Speaking as a regular, non-spike reader, I imagine, like Brian, that it’s people looking for good Catholic insight into the Lambeth morass.

  • Christopher Joseph

    “Where’s everybody coming from?””Spirit of Vatican II” purgatory.

  • colbus

    I’m a referral form several other sites. I enjoy your writings immensely. I’m also a recent Easter 2008 convert after 55 years from the UCC Congregational tradition and witnessed first hand the gradual trajectory away from truth, but that’s not why I converted. I was called to the Catholic Church after discovering the early church fathers and the Eucharist.

  • John6:54

    You’ve got some decent stuff padre. Keep up the good blog. Plus you got the whole Anglican angle which is hot right now.

  • s

    I read an article of yours from archives…which led me to google your name…which led me to your regular website (…which led me to buy your great book “Mary: A Catholic/Evangelical debate” (…all of which got me to start checking out your blog every few days.I’ll take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.

  • Padre Steve

    I can remember stumbling upon you via the St. Mary’s website or perhaps it was the site of your pastor’s.

  • PraiseDivineMercy

    Father Z has also been covering the Anglican blowout and has quoted you extensively. You seem to have the inside perspective.

  • Esperanta

    I was on a forum and wanted to use a quote from one of your articles on Then I realised I hadn’t looked at your blog on a while

  • my15minutes

    They are probably bikers.

  • Bernadette Banner

    Your aarticle in “THE UNIVERSE Feb 8 The journey of the Rosary is one of human joy and sorrow”gave me a fresh insight for which I am most gratefulThanks B BANNER