Off to Camp

This morning after celebrating the Maronite Divine Liturgy for Fr Bart who is out of  town, I’m heading off to Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga near Brevard NC to be camp chaplain for a week. They have a wifi connection, so I should be able to blog.

I hope to blog this week on the healing ministry in the Catholic Church, and I expect there will be some Anglican news, although I have heard that the Lambeth Conference may end up being a non event because the agenda has been drafted in such a way that there will be no votes on big, controversial issues so that no one will divide. 
“The next motion is that we should all be kind to puppies and kittens. All in favor?”

  • kviz

    Father,Please give greetings to my daughter Ann, who is a counselor at Kahdalea this summer. I told her to keep hanging in there because you were coming – she knows I am a fan of your blog. She works with arts and crafts.I just sent her the recent book on Shakespeare by Pearce – she’d be interested to hear that you know him.

  • darren

    I’m curious. Did you have to get any specialized training to offer Mass in the Maronite Rite? How different is it from the Latin?

  • Ellen from Buffalo,NY

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  • Ellen from Buffalo,NY

    Praised be Jesus Christ!now and forever!Dear Father,I follow with interest your comments, and I keep you always in my prayers,I am curious,Do you have Bi-Ritual faculties to celebrate the Maronite Divine Liturgy?When our pastor is home visiting Lebanon, we have to get a Latin Rite priest to offer the Divine Liturgy..God bless,Ellen, a Maronite from Buffalo,NY

  • A Simple Sinner

    When will you post some photos of you vested and celebrating the Maronite Qurbono?