Waffle House

More waffle from Lambeth:

This article explains a new proposal to discipline unruly Anglican parishes and dioceses. Parishes or dioceses that break the rules and ordain and consecrate homosexuals and have homosexual marriages could be ‘suspended’ from the ruling Anglican Councils and parishes and dioceses that break away to align themselves to orthodox bishops will be asked to go into a sort of ‘holding bay’ so that eventually they will be able to be restored to their national church after more dialogue.

The blindness of Anglicans about themselves is incredible. There is no negotiation possible on these issues. This is because all three branches of the Anglican Church believe they are not only right, but that they are following Scripture. They believe they are led by the Holy Spirit. They believe to back down would be to disobey Scripture, to disobey the Holy Spirit, to disobey God!
The conservative Evangelicals really do believe that homosexuality is an abomination which is clearly condemned in Scripture. They will not negotiate and finally accept homosexuality if only they have a little bit more counseling and dialogue.
The Anglo Catholics really do believe that female bishops go against Scripture, fly in the face of the divinely revealed tradition and break communion with the vast majority of Christians now and down through the ages. They are not going to re-negotiate and decide to change their minds after having a few more lattes and some dialogue.
Likewise, the Liberals really do believe that their campaign for female ordination and homosexual ‘liberation’ is part of what it means to follow the gospel. They really heartily believe that the Holy Spirit is calling the whole church to something new, something courageous and something daring for God. They really honestly believe that the Holy Spirit calls the church to overturn the traditions. To back down and give in to the conservatives would be to give in to the hypocrites, the pharisees and all those who are bound by man made traditions.
Notice how the liberals sound just like the first Protestants and like the charismatic Protestants. They all use the same language of ‘turning over the tables in the temple’, ‘new wineskins for new wine’ ‘God doing a new thing in our age’ etc. etc.
The proposed Anglican Forum will only be voluntary and will only be supported by those who already occupy the wishy washy middle ground where anything goes. None of them will have the backbone to actually enforce anything on anybody.
The whole Lambeth Conference is a Waffle House.

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    Remember the Sanhedrin named Gameliel in Acts?38 So now I tell you, have nothing to do with these men, and let them go. For if this endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself.39 But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God.” They were persuaded by him. (Acts5:38-39 NAB)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16430567545267057741 John

    I’m desperately trying to work “scattered, smothered and covered” into this, but it’s late, and I can’t think of anything!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14661155158237286805 Heide

    Father, among the many things that led my husband and me to reject the Anglican experiment and embrace the Catholic Church was the conviction that our evangelical arguments would not convince our liberal fellow Episcopalians. It finally dawned on us that they rejected them not because they were being disingenuous but because they believed their interpretation of scripture was correct and ours was not. In other words, we were hoist on our own Protestant petard.We also realized–about the time of the “Plano East” conference in early 2004–that evangelical support for (or at least non-opposition to) women’s ordination was a wedge that would prevent any real unity between evangelicals and Anglo-Catholic-minded Episcopalians. I can remember hoping that orthodox ordained Episcopal women (there are a few!) would rise up and resign holy orders for the sake of unity among orthodox Episcopalians. Alas, it was not to be so–not en masse, anyway.It was this lack of a clear path to unity among orthodox Episcopalians as much as the apostasy of liberals that opened our eyes to the real catholicity of the Catholic Church.

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    The thought occurs to me that the all provisions and comprimises and supposed “11th hour settlements” that are foregone conclusions (nothing dramatic will ever REALLY happen!) are all like dogs without teeth.Inasmuch as the communion has open communion (making “intercommunion” somewhat redundant and meaningless!) about the very WORST thing that could happen in Anglicanism is that some people don’t make the guest list to tea with the Queen (or King) at the next Lambeth.Big deal.As it stands right now, TEC has more to be concerned about with its relationship to the ELCA and UMC – two bodies with which it is (again, with its already “open communion”) already “in communion”… working together to staff and over-see each other’s shrinking congregations… What do they REALLY care if some Anglicans in Nigeria don’t care for it?Now it just looks like utter foolishness between shrinking proprietary sectarians… Well, it doesn’t just look like that, it is that.If there was any real dramatic falling out, what real difference would it make? TEC wouldn’t allow African Anglican ministers to lead prayer services in TEC churches when it already allows UMC and ELCA clergy to do just that?