Hurricane McCain

I’ve had my knuckles rapped in the combox for being political. I’m a priest and I’m not supposed to be political. Well, forgive me, but I guess I can comment on what I think about the election. I’m not telling people in sermons, “Go out and vote for Ron Paul” or anything.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this photograph which was featured in London’s Daily Telegraph online. The McCain campaign has really been pretty professional. See what they’re doing here? They put their candidate in front of a sign that says, “Mississippi Emergency Management” He and Gov. Palin are wearing open necked shirts, like “Gee whiz, we just got off the plane and we got our sleeves rolled up already!”
So they go to the troubled Gulf Coast before hurricane Gustav arrives, and immediately he not only looks presidential, but the assumption amongst viewers will be, “Hey, this guy and gal are already in charge. They’re on the spot. They’re doing something about the hurricane that’s coming in.”
This is an absolutely brilliant piece of PR. It’s low key, modest and down to earth. It look sincere, hard working and ‘down to business’. At once it makes Obama’s acceptance speech in a stadium with 80,000 people look egotistical, overblown, theatrical and empty. All the down home, small town people who will turn this election aren’t dumb. They’ve tuned in to Obama’s show biz type acceptance speech, and now they see McCain and Palin in their working clothes already getting down to business.
It’s a brilliant piece of handling. This election is getting purrretty interesting.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Sheesh, I guess I am the mean knuckle rapper! I thought I was just being honest that I envy your enthusiasm but am far more cautious with my own. I don’t see McCain and Sarah as the answer to Catholic prayers for public servants when they’re preaching 100 years of Iraqi occupation and hanging out with that Chuck Hagee anti-catholic envangelical dude. I don’t see Obama as being a Catholic hero either. And I think a respected blogger/priest like yourself should be cautious with his political enthusiasms. I’ve seen Cardinal Sean come out swinging on issues like gay marriage and propositions that affect it in Massachusetts, but I have not seen him endorse a political candidate or party. I suspect the church is very conservative about that and discourages it.

  • Augustine

    Father,I usually cringe when clergy name political names. Were it in a parish blog, in a media outlet, in a parish bulletin, in an article, wherever you spoke as a Catholic priest, I’d be shunning you too. “Standing on my Head” not being the case, feel free to muse and even cheer for politicians, with all the due caution that such practice entail, of course.Yes, I’m cheering too, not because McCain is my candidate, but because he’s the least pro-death candidate who now has a definitely pro-life VP. Hopefully, she might be the next presidential candidate in the near future.I do appreciate the shrewdness of it all, exposing the DNC as racist and sexist. See, Bush actually put blacks in top positions, what the 1st “black” president didn’t; the RNC opted for a woman for the VP post in the ticket, while the DNC shuns Democratic women after Hillary’s defeat.But I like Sarah because she’s at the same time not only more womanly than Hillary, as a mother of five, but also more manly than Obama, as a gun-totting hunter in the frontier. :-)BTW, as a foreigner, I can’t vote, I just pay taxes and shut up.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    I think there is a difference between a priest who is an American citizen commenting on the political situation and expressing his personal feelings and a priest relating that to the Catholic faith and claiming that a certain party or politician is ‘more Catholic’ or that Catholics should vote one way or another. I’ve not done this at all. I’ve simply expressed my own personal opinion–and haven’t related those opinions to the Catholic faith or recommended voting one way or another. As far as Hagee goes, I think McCain has distanced himself from him.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Fr. L;Fair enough. Have a good labor day weekend.

  • ginger c.

    Are we not looking for guidance from our clergy? As long as abortion is legal in our country, Father, you can dance, giggle, jump up and down and do a cartwheel at the prospect of a Pro Life administration. P.S. Love the cassock. Thanks for looking like a priest.

  • mbbutler

    Keep up the political commentary!

  • MAB

    I also think it was smart of McCain – Palin to announce that “McCain suspends most of RNC convention.” He has no actual authority to do any such thing, being that he has not actually been nominated yet!Again, as you said in your post, it makes McCain appear to be in control and making important decisions.Brilliant, and yes, pretty interesting.

  • bobd

    Keep your comments coming, Father. That’s what Catholics need and that’s what our Holy Father said when he was here. “Don’t leave your beliefs at your front door or at the Church door.” Preach it brother. By the way any Catholic who votes for a democide is a heretic. Have you read their platform? It reads like a Nazi manifesto.

  • Donna

    Father,Blog away, and politicize away. It’s your right.I want to express my thinking about Gov. Palin. Of course, her pro-life stance is the most admirable thing about her–as is her record of ethics reform in Alaska. We must, however, face the possibility that she could likely be the president, since she would be in office with a 72-year old President. Truthfully, is she ready to lead a nation such as ours were McCain to die within six months? Her BA is in communications-journalism, with a minor in political science. We all know her political experience is local and state. I’m not as overly excited about our choices this presidential election as some would be.

  • truthfinder

    Hello again, Father. First of all, a small correction to Marcus from a former Protestant; it’s John Hagee, not “Chuck”. And he apologized and appears to be repentant. Not everyone in the Assemblies of God believes that “the Catholic Church is the ‘Whore of Babylon!’”. I know that because I BELONGED to that denomination at one time, and I’m sure he was chastised from WITHIN as well as from without. Perhaps he will examine the Catholic faith. Even though I’m not voting for Mr. Obama, I believe people can repent and change, so I’m praying for him, his family, and also for Joe Biden. Let’s be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”