NCR Article

Here’s my latest for National Catholic Register. It’s a further analysis of the Anglican Agonies.

  • Antonio

    Father, would you please try to explain this interview for a “Roman” as me?

  • Gail F

    That is an excellent summary.The Episcopal Church in my neighborhood is a liberal one, so I’m quite familiar with the way the liberals think. There are only about 40 remaining members, and in their efforts to get new members they have started a monthly “hip hop mass” (not actually a mass, just a prayer service) and a monthly healing service with African drumming and Reiki in addition to traditional liturgical stuff. I have been to the former and not the latter. They also participate in gay parades and host practice for the local “rainbow pride band” although I don’t think any of their members are in it. They no longer have a pastor, and their vicar is a lady from Africa.The people I know who belong are very earnest and very devout in their way. They love beautiful buildings and liturgy, but they think these things can be made to mean whatever they choose. In the 1960s, their minister partnered with several ministers of black churches in a neighboring slum and pioneered all sorts of efforts to improve the housing. But now most of the members are well-off, older people who really want to help the poor and disadvantaged but don’t seem to know how to start. I asked a friend who is a very devoted member to read an article by an African bishop who waxed eloquent about the paganism and violence that Christianity had saved his people from, and asked this gentleman what he personally would be willing to die for (as the African martyrs had died). He said that if this AFrican bishop would repudiate him and his church that would be very sad, but that he would stand up for the right for all his brothers and sisters to love and marry who they liked. I find this bizarre for many reasons — even if I held that particular belief, I wouldn’t die for it — but that was the answer he gave me and I know he was sincere, if not particularly truthful (I don’t think he would really die for it either).I don’t see how people who hold to such extremely different beliefs will come together again.

  • Little Black Sambo

    A very fair summary, Father; and I speak as an Anglican.